Company Philosophy and Vision

Fukagawa Company Mission

Since the Fukagawa Group was founded in 1950, our mission has been "Being of service to our customers". Our customers trust Fukagawa, and they continue to find our company indispensable. "Being of service to our customers" is how we achieve mutually beneficial relationships with sub-contractors, as well as happiness for our employees and their families. We look carefully at what "being of service to our customers" really means, and deliver everything that it entails: product development, fair pricing, fast delivery, speedy and honest service, and ongoing maintenance, all in the service of contributing to customer profit and efficiency. Our employees' technical skills and personal development are devoted to shouldering these responsibilities and are the source of our customers' confidence.


Fukagawa Company Vision

1. Be a company that customers trust, where employees’ livelihood is assured and they can continue to grow actively.
2. Be of true service to our customers by creating better products.
3. Be a company that impresses customers with industry-leading customer service.
4. Be a company that practices solid yet flexible management, where customers feel safe.
5. Be a company whose existence is essential to the air conditioning industry.


Fukagawa Company Philosophy

Our philosophy is "Good faith, hard work, safety and diligence".
• Work hard in good faith, never forgetting our mission, with the right aspirations, high goals, and strong passion.
• Have humility and pride in your work, and choose to work with a fair and square attitude that is energizing to yourself and others.
• Know that you are fully responsible for your work. Set an example by getting things done quickly and be resolute enough to look at results honestly.
• Do not turn away or give up when faced with difficulties. Think about how to succeed.
• Always be grateful to customers, subcontractors, fellow employees and family. Choose to act for the happiness of others.